What To Expect With Pelican Marsh Real Estate

If you have never been to the Pelican Marsh area of Naples, you may consider this as a potential location to live. Often confused with Pelican Bay which has a similar name, this location is very different. It is designed for both retirees and young families alike. You may even be a single individual that will find this destination perfect for the way you want to live. There are homes for sale at all times in Pelican Marsh real estate, and you can take advantage of its proximity to the city of Naples. It’s a great destination, and this is what you can expect as you start to evaluate this place as a location to live.

How Many Homes Are In This Community?

There are quite a few homes on a price range of 500,000 – 2,000,000 homes in this community that you may want to consider purchasing. There are also condominiums. There is a substantial price difference between condos and single-family homes. Condos are almost always under $1 million whereas single-family dwellings can be $10 million or more. There is also the benefit of an 18 hole golf course that you can take advantage of for a $45,000 membership fee. It is designed for those that like luxury, and also access to a golf course, which is why many people moved to this location. Find out more information about golf and beach club in this community.

What Type Of Golf Course Does It Have?

This Von Hagge golf course is one of the best in Naples. It was opened up back in the 1990s. It is something that beginners and professionals will get something out of and is limited in its membership numbers. Only a total of 385 people can be a member, which means getting a tee time won’t be that difficult. You can also do social gatherings, and also take excursions to waterways in the Gulf of Mexico from this beautiful destination where you might want to live.

How To Find Realtors That Can Introduce You To Different Homes There

Finding realtors that are in the immediate area is the best decision to make. This will give you time as you try to find a place to live. If you are interested in placing an offer on one of these properties, the realtor can do this for you and also can negotiate. If you would like to find a company that can help you, preferably a seasoned realtor, you can locate these professionals on the web. You will soon have a real estate agent showing you properties in the Pelican Marsh area that you may eventually purchase. You could also check out Naples Florida web design for more information.

Pelican Marsh is a place that is designed for those that prefer playing golf and living in exceptional homes. If you are the type of person that likes to be active, regardless of your age, it’s also an excellent location for people that live this type of life. If you are interested in a condominium, or a midrange single-family home in the million dollar range, they will have something for you. You may find that Pelican Marsh is a location that you will never want to move from once you have purchased a place within this community.

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