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listed with the New Smyrna Beach Board of REALTORS®
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We are members of the Board of REALTORS® and are multiple listing agents.

What this means to you:

Property &/or Land that you put on the market is not only available within our office or limited to our customers but, fully accesible (if you choose) to all other Board of REALTOR® members in the area increasing the visibility of your listing to prospective buyers beyond our own advertising efforts. You can think of it as a marketing strategy or in kinder terms; an outreach program.

It also means if you’re in the market for something imparticular we can help you acquire it, even if we’re not the listing office. You could also contact our Naples SEO partners.

And if you really think about it, isn’t it better to have someone -that one agent- who you can trust on your side. An agent that knows the community & your needs doing the legwork for you & above all alleviating the hassel of having to deal with multiple agents vying for your valuable time.